Our Story

Beginnings in Grooming

Our history is marked with innovation and excellence. We are privileged to be a leader in the pet industry, developing new products before most even considered the opportunity. Our products reach a global audience in 65 countries, with 8 brands and hundreds of individual products. We are honored to serve families and their pets around the globe with our world-class natural pet products.

1992: Natural from the Start

TropiClean natural grooming products were introduced and quickly recognized as an industry leader in natural pet grooming products seeking safe, natural ingredients.

1994: Neem Oil was first harnessed by TropiClean

and used as natural relief from ticks and fleas in TropiClean Neem Shampoo

Evolving Natural Grooming


1998: Relief!

OxyMed medicated products were developed for ultimate itch relief.

Dog Spa

2003: A SPA for the Dogs

SPA by TropiClean allowed pet parents to pamper their pets.

2011: Making Clean Up a Breeze

Fresh Breeze became nature’s stain and odor remover with the innovative and exclusive HabitBreaker technology.

2012: Fresh Breath, Better

Fresh Breath +Plus promotes complete pet wellness by combining supplements with dental care for pets – once again, the first of its kind.

2013: Fresh Breath +Plus Treats

a wholesome dental treat +PLUS benefits to support complete pet wellness.

2016: Fresh & Balanced Supplements

TropiClean introduced Life by TropiClean Supplement for Dogs. They found a new way to provide optimal nutrition for our pets in an easy to use bottle that dogs love! These fresh and natural ingredients help support pets with the nutrition they need to lead a healthy and happy life.

2016: Rethinking Bath Time


2016: A lot Can Happen Between the Baths

TropiClean made bath time faster by introducing products that are easy and safe to use, keeping your pet clean between each bath.

Washing White Dog

2016: Aimable Pet Shampoo

TropiClean introduced their Aimable Pet Shampoo allowing the pet parent to dispense the shampoo 360 degrees around their pet. The easy to use shampoo creates a rich lather, fast wash and even faster rinse.

2017: Natural Flea & Tick

TropiClean launched their Natural Flea & Tick line, offering complete solutions for your pet, home and yard. This natural and powerful formula kills by contact guaranteed. It contains no chemical pyrethrins or permethrins. 

Insta-fresh Pets

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