Ten Ways to Spoil Your Dog

As pet parents, it sometimes seems like we spoil our dogs every day, but sometimes we want to go above and beyond—for a birthday, holiday, or Spoil Your Dog Day. We’ve compiled a fun list or suggestions on what you could do to spoil your pup.

1. Make sure you own a dog. You can spoil other dogs; just make sure you have approval to spoil from the dog’s owner!

2. Walk it out. Put on your tennis shoes and take your pup on a walk, jog or run. You might say, “Well I already do that”, in that case after the walk, hop in the car and take them for a drive. Roll down the window and let the wind blow on their face.

shutterstock_2686871393. Belly rubs. Your dog lives to give love and receive love. Make sure they feel your love with some long belly rubs.

4. Dog Parks. Take your pup to the dog park. Here you can play with your pup, but they can play with other pups and socialize.

5. Take them everywhere. Don’t think of this as a hassle. Your pup just wants to be with you. Just remember if you need to leave them in the car to keep the a/c running.

6. New Toys. It is Spoil Your Dog Day; buy them a gift they’ll enjoy, even if they tear it up in seconds.

7. Let them get dirty. Dogs will be dogs and will roll around and play in the mud. Play with them outside and let them get dirty.

8. Give them a bath. Some might say this is a bother, but reward your pup with treats and affection. To some pet parents, this is a true bonding time.

9. Cuddle Sessions. Most dogs want to be a lap dog (opinion) so let him or her be this day. Cuddle and give them affection.

10. Bring on the kisses. Our dogs will kiss us, whether you like it or not.

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