Local Couple Starts Company So They Can Help the Poor

TropiClean’s beginning was featured in a story by local Channel 5 News KSDK. You can watch the story on TropiClean here.

KSDK Covers the TropiClean Story

KSDK – The Today in St. Louis crew got the chance to go behind the scenes at the local company called TropiClean. It was started by Don Kassebaum in his basement more than 30 years ago.

Don and his wife wanted the company to be successful so they could travel the world to help the poor, and that’s exactly what they do now, while their two sons run the company.

“We try and come out with innovative products,” Derrik Kassebaum said.

The charitable arm of the company s called Gifts of Love International. According to the organization’s website, it’s a “Christ-centered, Apostolic organization dedicated to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by receiving donated aid and financial assistance from various groups and individuals to help them rise above poverty level lifestyles.”