Keep Halloween Stress-Free

Trick-Or-Treat! Halloween is full of costumes, candy, laughter, and scares. The holiday is meant to be fun and festive, but for some pets, the holiday can be overwhelming! Here are some tips to make Halloween not so scary for pets and their people.

Candy Galore!

  1. Make sure you don’t catch their paw in the candy jar! – Keep a close eye on your pet to make sure they didn’t find the kiddo’s stash of candy, treating themselves to big stomach-aches or more serious issues.

Growl Away the Ghouls!

  1. Don’t let them scare away the Trick-Or-Treaters! – If your furry friend enjoys laying in the yard most the day, we recommend bringing them in at night. Dogs can be territorial and may defend their territory once they’re approached by a group of ghost or ghouls.


  1. Keep them safe and secure. Halloween is full of random strangers walking up to your door. Pets can become skittish, nervous or aggressive when they’re put through stressful situations. Make sure to keep them close to you or in another room.

Keep Calm with TropiClean

We recently introduced Life by TropiClean Calming Aid Supplement for Dogs. It’s expertly blended to help reduce anxiety and stress, promotes calming and supports a healthy rest. The supplement is applied orally and won’t make your furry friend drowsy or modify their behavior. Keep Halloween a festive holiday and stress-free for both you and your pet.