How to Soothe Your Pet’s Dry Skin

As you may know, once winter sets in, we turn on our furnaces and not only does our skin begin to get dry and flaky, but so can our pet’s skin! When you get dry skin, you reach for the moisturizing lotion. When your pet’s skin dries out, you may see flakes, notice him/her itching more often, and in some cases shedding increases because dry hair can break off easier when it is brittle.

shutterstock_306258359Since it is not advisable to treat your pet’s skin and coat with traditional lotion, consider OxyMed by TropiClean. A quick bath with OxyMed Oatmeal Shampoo and OxyMed Oatmeal Treatment Rinse is a perfect solution for this winter problem! OxyMed products contain high quality oatmeal and a variety of other natural, soothing ingredients that penetrate the uppermost layers of the skin, moisturizing the skin and lifting dead skin cells and dirt away, leaving behind a refreshed and clean pet. Professional Groomers worldwide have this product in their salons and use it with complete confidence. In fact, as a bonus, use the Anti-Itch spray to keep your pet comfortable between baths or during any dry skin flare-ups.

I never had the need to use this product on any of my other dogs until our newest little Shih-Tzu who seems to be a bit more sensitive to grass and other seasonal allergens. After only one bath, there was a noticeable improvement. After just a couple baths, he was completely clear of any itchiness or bumps caused by his allergies. It is amazing how similar people and pets are when it comes to how our bodies respond to our surroundings. However, our pets DO have an advantage over us during the cold months…they have their own fur coat!

Written by: Joe Zuccarello, a professional in the Pet Industry for nearly 30 years. Joe has played in key roles at successful companies in Pet Hospitality, Grooming, Training, Management Consulting, and Retailing. He currently serves as National Accounts Sales Manager with TropiClean Pet Products.