Helping The Geriatric Cat Reclaim Interest In Self and Life

We hope you enjoyed the first tip from Dr. Ava Frick during Pet Wellness Month. In this week’s post, Dr. Frick sheds light on how to help give your senior cat a better life. We hope you enjoy!

Helping The Geriatric Cat Reclaim Interest In Self and Life

Cats, one of nature’s most fastidious animals, suffer from dandruff, dirty skin, and matting fur as they age.  This condition ia very annoying to this once neat and clean creature.  Petting them can even appear to be uncomfortable.

This is due to the cat’s inability to maneuver and do ritualistic routine grooming.  Arthritis and lack of flexibility of the spine are the greatest factors in the progression of this problem.  Depression and geriatric diseases can further reduce the cat’s interest in grooming.

There are several things you can do to help geriatric cats maintain respectability:



1) Give him regular baths.  Believe it or not most cats will appreciate you for doing this, after it is all over (see next issue for suggestions on how to give a cat a bath).

2) Have a warm spot in the winter for those achy bones to rest.  Use a heating blanket or pad on low, or, better yet, invest in a sauna (such as the ones available from FaunaSauna.com). Make sure it is on a height level where the cat can easily get to.  You will often find the cat resting there, and their mobility will be better from improved circulation.

3) Reduce the arthritic symptoms with supplements containing hyaluronan and colostrum.  The products I find that fit these parameters and consistently give good results is Trixsyn, a flavorless liquid manufactured by Cogent Solutions®, and Duralactin® capsules, which you can open and sprinkle into canned food or cat-friendly liquid.

4) Get him chiropractic adjustments to improve motion of the spine and legs.  Cats can get chiropractic adjustments and will usually enjoy them.  I have adjusted many geriatric cats, and their owners report back that their older cats can jump and maneuver better after each visit.

By bathing him and doing a few simple things, your senior citizen feline can feel much younger, rekindling interest in himself and life.  Next issue I will outline steps to make giving a cat a bath less traumatic for the both of you.

Ava Frick, DVM, CAC
Pet Rehab & Pain Clinic
Chesterfield, MO