Fear of the Feast

The Holiday season is in full swing as we start to gather our seasonal decorations and prepare for the fellowship of family and friends. How many of us love the thought of family and friends coming over, enjoying a hearty meal and sharing stories and jokes? How many of us dread what things our family pet is going to eat, destroy or whom they might jump on or bombard with kisses?

If you can sympathize with both of these statements, then you are a true pet parent. Pets will be pets and for many, curiosity gets the best of them. Here are some Holiday tips that you can follow that will better prepare for new temptations.

1. Make sure your pet has a “safe” place to go if they feel overwhelmed. This could be their kennel, a quiet room and even outside.

2. Introduce your pet to new decorations and keep a steady eye on them so you can correct them if they give into their curiosity.

3. During dinner, if your pet begs and scrounged for scraps (which could result in health issues and for some pets food aggression), distract your pet with a toy or treat that not only is good but also stimulates their mind and makes them work for their prize.

4. Some of us have pets that enjoy the company…of adults. If there will be younger kids, make sure to properly introduce the children with your pet. The kids might think that since your pet is furry it is, therefore, cute and cuddly, but after so many squeezes and tail pulling, even the cutest pet will show them their teeth or claws.

5. With all of the company around, make sure that everyone knows your wishes. For example, Fido doesn’t eat dairy products and then the next thing you know, your uncle Jim practically lets him eat the whole cheese tray! Just make sure that your guests ask you before giving your pet anything.

6. Make sure to maintain your bathroom routine. With guest all around sometimes we can lose track of time, but your pet surely won’t.

7. Have fun, and be patient. This is the time for thanksgiving and fellowship. Pets will be pets and mistakes will be made, but know that they are thankful for you and love every moment with you.

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