Fall Fun with Your Pet

Summer has slowly slipped away, as fall creeps around the corner. Soon the leaves will be changing colors, the wind will be brisk in the morning, and our hoodies and sweatshirts will be coming out of storage.

The weather in fall is a great opportunity to be outside with our pets. The weather isn’t too hot nor is it too cold. These are the nights to spend all night beneath the stars with your companion.

shutterstock_135432188Here are a few great activities to do with your pet this fall:

5K/10K/Walks: Check out your local shelters, and online for pet events going on near you. Many organizations host 5K/walks that are pet-friendly. This will give you the opportunity to spend quality and healthy time with your pet. (Don’t forget to make sure your pooch is ready the long hike. Older or “out of shape” pets might need a little practice before a long 5 to 10k.)

Camping: With the Fall weather, camping can be somewhat tolerable. Go on nature hikes and enjoy a bonfire with your four-legged companion. Enjoy the fall weather and cool nights under the stars.

Yard work: How can this be fun when it has the word “work”? Well when you’re raking the leaves, have your four-legged friend frolic around in your nicely groomed piles. Makes for a lot of laughs and great videos to share. Your pooch might not necessarily be a lot of help, but all they really want is to be with you.

Football Party:  Tis the season for football. Have a football party and dress your pet up to showcase your favorite team. Invite other pet parents over to do the same. And make sure you don’t forget to share your best-dressed pups on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/tropiclean

Pumpkin Patch: One of the many activities of fall, the pumpkin patches. Make sure your local Pumpkin-Patch is pet-friendly and enjoy a fun day with them as they help you pick the perfect one.