Brushing Up on Oral Care for Cats

Did you know that cats are North America’s most popular pets? Over 30% of households in North America own a cat. (A). Did you also know that only 8% of cat parents currently own a dental product for their furry feline? (B)

Despite cats reigning in popularity among pet parents, we lack the responsibility of taking care of their oral care. Cats, unlike dogs, groom themselves and at times can be finicky to deal with when it comes to hygiene.

How can we keep up with our cat’s oral care without the claws coming out?


  1. Brush your cat’s teeth If they allow you. We can’t promise you’ll be scratch-free.
    1. Brushing their teeth is the most effective way to clean their teeth.


  1. Oral Care Gel No brushing required.
    1. Simply apply one drop of Clean Teeth Oral Care Gel for Cats to both sides of their mouth. They will lick their lips and move the gel around their mouth, creating a brushing effect.


  1. Water AdditiveUp to 12 hours of fresh breath.
    1. Perfect solution for cats and their people who seek a simple and safe way to address oral care.
    2. Simply one capful in their water bowl provides up to 12 hours of fresh breath and helps fight plaque and tartar. No brushing required.


Oral care is about more than making your cat’s smile sparkle-it’s an important component of their overall health.

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