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Water Additive for Cats

12 hours of fresh breath

Tropiclean's natural Water Additive is developed to provide cats with essential daily oral hygiene care. Without proper dental care, 70% of cats start to show signs of oral disease by age 3. Oral disease can eventually lead to tooth loss or other serious health problems. Tropiclean's natural Water Additive promotes healthy gums and eliminates bad breath for up to 12 hours.

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Simply add one tablespoonful (one cap full) to your pet’s water bowl (approximately 16oz) every time you refill it.

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Posted August 9, 2015
By Anna

Thank you Tropiclean R&D so much for this product! I have a beloved senior Oriental with horrible teeth. His breath never bothered me, as I love him dearly. However, I had to have his teeth cleaned once per year to try to maintain his poor oral health, as well as to keep him eating comfortably. As a senior, anesthesia really concerns me, and my vet has confirmed that anesthesia is hard on aging cats. I tried the gel, which neither of us could commit to (haha). Picked up your water additive a couple of weeks ago and it works perfectly. His breath is no longer foul, and the best part is his gumline is no longer inflamed, and his tartar has noticeably decreased!! So happy!! Thanks a million!!


Posted May 2, 2015
By Steven Pundsack

Tried this product for 2 weeks my cat would not drink from her bowl. She would sneak water from a dripping water faucet or any open glass of water; which she never did before. When I tried to show her where her water is she would sniff it and run away. "Fresh Breath made easy" is anything but easy. I would not recommend this product to anyone with a cat. I am going to try something else


Posted March 30, 2015
By C.Volenec

Great product. No problem with administration. Would like coupons!!


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