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Clean Teeth Gel

Removes plaque & tartar

Works fast and naturally to help reduce plaque and tartar on dogs and cats -- no toothbrush required. A proprietary blend of natural, holistic ingredients produce a healthy oral environment. Kills the germs that cause bad breath, plaque and gingivitis. Soothes minor gum irritations. For clean teeth and 'up close' fresh breath everyday!

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Apply 2 drops of gel to each side of the pet’s mouth. Apply directly to the teeth with plaque buildup. Use once daily. You’ll soon notice your pet licking their lips repeatedly. This is normal and helps the gel to mix with saliva and coat all surfaces of your pet’s teeth and gums. For maximum effect, withhold food and water for 30 minutes before and after treatment. Tooth brushing is not necessary but will speed up the removal of softened plaque and tartar. Ordinarily, after 30 days, application can be reduced to twice weekly for regular maintenance.

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Posted January 30, 2016
By penny moore

Works for me ! Question tho. My dog has developed a Vit C allergy ... working on clearing that up. In the meantime.... discontinued because not sure if any vit c in this. Even tiny amount starts ear infection, inflammation. Please let me know. Thank you.

TropiClean Response Hi Penny! Our Clean Teeth Gel is made with: Purified Water, Natural Derived Alcohol, Natural Mint, Glycerin, Natural Cleanser, Carbopol, Chlorophyllin and Green Tea Leaf Extract. If any concerns, please have your veterinarian check the product. Thanks for the great review!


Posted January 10, 2016
By rachel

One question, where's the expiration date? Can't find it anywhere on bottle

TropiClean Response Hi Rachel! Our only product with an expiration date is our Dental Chews. Our Fresh Breath products have a Born-On date with a shelf life of 2 years. On the bottom of your bottle, you'll see the born-on date. If you have any questions on this, please call our office at 800-542-7387.


Posted December 5, 2015
By Christine Biddlecombe

This product is amazing, I have two elderly Cairn terriers, one had there teeth cleaned by the vet, the other was too old to have the anaesthetic. He was in a lot of discomfort, When found this product at my local pet shop. We have used it for a month everyday, and now use it three times a week. He is a totally different animal now, his doesn't spend his tiime just sleeping like he used to. I thoroughly recommend it. I


Posted October 22, 2015
By Melis S.

This Gel is Amazing, My Akita x Rottweiler Girl who is only 1.5yrs old and has been fed RAW since 11 months tends to get a film of brown plaque and some yellowing near the gum line, I think it's because of Her dropping jowls and genetic proneness for tartar. Our 8 month GSD X Aussie Girl was also just lately starting to show signs of that brown film. I used this gel as directed of both girls, well this gel lifted the stains right to the surface and both girls have sparkling white teeth as I was able to brush the stains right off!. I will continue to use the Tropiclean Gel, But I will combine it with my own aggressive home oral care regimen that includes an extra hard bristle toothbrush (same type I use for my own teeth!) & enzymatic toothpaste. Who knows, this gel might retire my dental scraper by preventing the plaque/tartar from developing in the first place!.


Posted August 11, 2015
By Sarah

Fab product dogs teeth have come up amazing and has got rid of all plaque, my question is can humans use this???? I have a bit of plaque and wondered if it was safe for human consumption (serious question tried everything to remove it) TropiClean Response: Our products are made with human grade natural ingredients. Though it may be safe for human use, our products are intended and regulated for use with pets only. We do not recommend our products for human consumption.


Posted April 1, 2015
By Costie

I found this product on amazon when looking for a teeth scaler. My 5 year old bichon hadn't ever had her teeth cleaned and she was getting a lot of build up. I use the dental treats, but wasn't noticing much of a difference as far as breath or teeth. I also became nervous when it was recommended she have her teeth cleaned while being put under anesthesia. I started using Tropiclean with a scaler a week before her annual checkup and the vet said her teeth were great! She only had a very little buildup and her breath no longer makes me run and hide. I don't normally review products, but this gel has made me a customer for life. My dog won't ever be without it.


Posted December 2, 2014
By Ellen Endres

This is the best product I have seen to help with the problem of bad breath. My dogs hate to have their teeth brushed. This product is perfect. Now their teeth are fine and their breath is no longer noxious.


Posted October 13, 2014
By Kevin

Awesome!!!! My Italian Greyhound had awful breath until I tried this product. Italian Greyhounds are known for poor teeth. I had a lot of his teeth extracted and started to use this product along with daily brushing. His teeth have never been cleaner. I wish I would have used this stuff from the day I got him. I know a lot of dog owners don't brush their dogs teeth. However please use this stuff at least twice a week. It's easy to apply and will really help out your dog. He will hate you for applying it to him but deep down he knows you did it to make him healthier, lol.


Posted September 21, 2014
By Debra

Just started using your product and hoping it helps my cats teeth. Just wanted to know if you answered Maleanie of Aug 3 2014 regarding Sodium Benzoate. I had read a review on Amazon saying this was in your product but don't see it on the list of ingredient. Would you be able to confirm it is safe for our kitties? Will keep you osted on results. God Bless

Response: Hi Debra, Sodium Benzoate has not been an ingredient of ours for a number of years. None of our Fresh Breath products contain this ingredient any longer. Hope this helps answer your question!

-TropiClean Team


Posted August 27, 2014
By Corinne

This product does exactly what it states. I rescued two 6year old breeder pugs. Both had at least millimeter of tarter build up on all of their teeth from lack of care. It is a month later and on one the tarter has either popped off in little chunks or easily scraped off with my nail. Layer by layer it just softens it and off it comes. The gums are looking healthier and lass inflamed. The other pugs tarter was so thick that one might have imagined she had just one long tooth, now the gum line area is clearing up and slowly the teeth are emerging. Patience and consistence is key. Follow directions exactly. I brush it onto tarter with my finger before bed every night. They don't specifically love it, but that is probably good. They smack their lips and work up the saliva to activate it. This product will save your dogs teeth, depending the amount of tarter is what determines how long it takes.


Posted August 8, 2014
By Mark

This is unbelievably effective. I bought this for my 2 year old German Shepherd. She had some plaque/tartar buildup on her back teeth. This cleared it all up after about a months use, using it everyday. I am SO impressed by this product and will recommend this to anyone wishing to address plaque and tartar buildup. Another great thing about this product is that my dog does not mind having it applied....she likes the flavor!!


Posted August 3, 2014
By melanie

My cat didn't like it as I expected, her teeth are looking bad and the water additive was a no go so the gel was a good way to force it on her. I'm very concern about a few things; First her mouth was foaming after I applied it. The I reread the ingredients and did my research and had no fear of the green tea extract (though it considered poisiones, it seem safe to me in extract form) but what is the natural cleanser? As long as its not sodium benzoate I will be a happy pet owner that will continue to use this . This specific ingredient concerns me and I don't have to know what it really is. Please put my mind at ease since that was a concern of many cat owners whose vet warned them against it but I need to take care of this feline's teeth before it's too late and costing me hundreds on vet bills. I would very much appreciate a response. By the way I love your line of shampoos. I have dogs too and love that I can use it for cats too! Thank you.


Posted July 4, 2014
By Karen Jorde

One thing is for sure I love (Love!!) that this product is made in America, has high manufacturing standards, natural ingredients and is made by a company with positive values and a charitable spirit. I feel confident using this and other items in the product line for my pets. As for the product itself--It is going to take a while to see how well it works, but one plus/minus issue is I think the smell and taste (I actually did taste it!) are great, my pets might not necessarily agree. It's taste is pretty strong. The dog might be even be developing a taste for it, but her reaction every time I give it to her looks like she just took a stiff drink. I have to sneak up on the cats and ambush them--at my peril. That's unfortunate, because I really would like to find a way to better manage their dental health. Maybe, I will try putting it on their paw...Thanks for the sample dental treat! I want to add them to Lily's protocol. I wish you would come up for one for cat's. They are "foodies" and I would love to have a safe, natural dental treat for them too. I am hoping that the floss ball will be a hit, but I would note that my cats love small to play "fetch" with small yarn balls something like that might make them happy.


Posted May 1, 2014
By peace paws

WOW! I am a groomer who was in need of some oral care products for my clients to help remove plaque build up. I read reviews on a site I order product from that this gel really works. So I decided to try it. I used it today on two dogs. the first one I applied the gel and took my scaler to see if anything would come off any easier. It did. it came off just like scraping paint off! I couldn't believe it! Dog number two, he had calcium like plaque build up- I didn't think it would stand a chance and perhaps the last dog was a fluke. I let it sit over 20mins. It scraped off! It was still rigid on the tooth, but the majority came off! WOW! That's good stuff! Great job Tropiclean!


Posted April 12, 2014
By Kate

I'll admit, I'm a picky dog owner. My dog can only have the best, so when Skye began getting tartar build up and bad breath that kept me from enjoying my Pit Bull kisses I declared war. Tropiclean gel was actually the first product I tried and I am proud to say that I will never buy a different oral care product for my dog. We went from nasty brown teeth to perfect pearly whites. I've never even had to take her to the vet for a dental! I work at a dog grooming salon and we have lots of customers ask what they can do for their dog' teeth. I always recommend this product to them along with tropiclean shampoos.


Posted April 1, 2014
By J. Fprd

I didn't see any difference in my dog's teeth while using this product. I'm sorry to say that because it's kind of expensive compared to her regular doggy tooth paste. It has a nice fresh smell but as far as cleaning and "removing" plaque, it doesn't work.


Posted March 3, 2014
By Dawn Harrell

This is awsome stuff !!,my little dog started haveing bad breath and sore gums he hated his teeth brushed..he was getting plaque on hes 5 yr old teeth and it was gone in 3 weeks. I was amazed by this and he loves the taste! Worth every penny!


Posted January 21, 2014
By Lijana

Love it a lot, a lot, a lot!!!! We needed to do anesthetic cleaning, but after i started to use this, it's not necessary anymore!! U save money and keep your dog healthy!! By the way in our case front teeth get clean toooo!!!! I gave 5 stars, coz its easy, safety, less stress to your dog!!! Here in Europ dog teeth brushing is twise expencier than human ones smile)))))


Posted January 13, 2014
By Dixie Barnes

Your clean mouth water additive was recommended to us at a pet supply store. We used a bottle for our two dogs, but still had tartar, but the one dog lost her bad breath. The other dog did not have a bad breath problem. Upon contacting the company, Joe advised us to try the clean mouth gel on the animals. One of the dogs teeth sparkle now. The other one had a very heavy buildup of tartar even though she had her teeth cleaned 6 months before this. Since she has lost one tooth from gingivitis earlier, the decision was made to have her teeth cleaned again. Since then I have applied the clean teeth gel nightly and her teeth SPARKLE. Her gums have lost their angry red color and are now a healthy pink. I intend to do her teeth nightly and save those expensive teeth cleaning visits. I have recommended it to several of our friends that have dogs. GREAT PRODUCTS and GREAT PERSONNEL at this company!


Posted December 21, 2013
By Melissa

My shih tzu HATES her teeth brushed, so this helps A LOT. It smells nice and minty, and her teeth are very white. I still use a tooth brush once a week, but this makes it easier.


Posted September 12, 2013
By Mindy Mangelson

I was pretty skeptical at first. I work at a Vet's office and have found that A LOT of these products out there do not work through many clients who have tried them. But, I tried it out because some of our clients were saying that it was working for their dogs. They were so excited to find a product that actually worked! I had just had my dog under for some serious ear cleaning from a lot of wax stuck down right at the ear drum and I didn't want to put her back under anesthetic so soon. So, I tried this Tropiclean Fresh Breath Gel. I followed the instructions of putting the Gel over my dog's teeth in the evening and brushed them in the morning for 1 month as directed. The idea of this Gel is that it works with the saliva and helps to soften the tarter on the teeth so that in the morning you can brush a small layer of tarter off. It doesn't promise to take it completely off in 1 day or 1 week. They recommend you try this for at least 1 month every night and day. I found that it worked very well. I would put it on her teeth at night which made her produce a lot of saliva and she would lick a lot. After that, I did not allow her to drink any water (as directed) until the morning when I would then brush her teeth. After 1 month there was no plaque on her back teeth. That part was awesome! However, I found that it didn't really help too much with the front teeth. My theory on that is because they do not get as much saliva "action" around their front teeth as they do around their back teeth with which they do all their chewing with. So, the lower amount of saliva around the front of the mouth doesn't react as much with the gel to soften those teeth's accumulated tarter. Which is why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. But, I have found that this product does work! I continue to use it and I recommend this to anybody who wants to keep their dogs teeth clean. (Just as an FYI: Keeping your dogs teeth brushed and clean helps to prevent organ problems - especially heart problems. It's not just to protect against teeth issues or bad breath.)


Posted August 4, 2013
By Lora Brown

This stuff works like a champ! Followed the directions and noticed a marked improvement in the plaque in my dog's mouth by the end of the first two weeks. When we needed more we couldn't find it and ended up getting the foam instead; it didn't work at all! The gel is great though!


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