Our Story

Beginnings in Grooming

Our history is marked with innovation and excellence. We are privileged to be a leader in the pet industry, developing new products before most even considered the opportunity. Our products reach a global audience in 45 countries, with 6 brands and hundreds of individual products. We are honored to serve families and their pets around the globe with our world-class natural pet products.

1992: Natural from the Start

TropiClean natural grooming products were introduced and quickly recognized as an industry leader in natural pet grooming products seeking safe, natural ingredients.

1994: Neem Oil was first harnessed by TropiClean

and used as natural relief from ticks and fleas in TropiClean Neem Shampoo

Evolving Natural Grooming


1998: Relief!

OxyMed medicated products were developed for ultimate itch relief.

Dog Spa

2003: A SPA for the Dogs

SPA by TropiClean allowed pet parents to pamper their pets.

2011: Making Clean Up a Breeze

Fresh Breeze became nature’s stain and odor remover with the innovative and exclusive HabitBreaker technology.

2012: Fresh Breath, Better

Fresh Breath +Plus promotes complete pet wellness by combining supplements with dental care for pets – once again, the first of its kind.

2013: Fresh Breath +Plus Treats

a wholesome dental treat +PLUS benefits to support complete pet wellness.

Insta-fresh Pets

Visit us on Instagram and post your photos with the hashtag #TropiCleanFresh for a chance to have your pet featured on our site and social feeds!